Camera man controls and denies fleshy pussy girls orgasms

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Anita 7 years ago
To make this video more erotic, the young girl should have described what all of this was doing to her pussy and clitoris. She should have described when her clit was at the tingling stage and when it started going into the hot stage followed by the aching, throbbing and burning stages. She could also describe how close she is to an orgasm.
Fairian 1 year ago
You need 2 hands and a vibrator to stimulate ONE nipple?? wth. should be running your other hand around her vagina and thighs FFS. What's wrong with your mouth?
j s 6 years ago
I would SO love to play with that wonderful meaty pussy...
To anita 5 years ago
We should meet. I agree.
Efixer 7 years ago
Would like to see more of this pussy
bigbootyjudy 8 years ago
love my followers
Mike 8 years ago
Beautiful breasts...wonder what the pussy is like.
Valaki 5 months ago
Please everybody help me! What's her name?
PussyAddict 1 year ago
Have done this to a girl except I kissed her and cupped her ass with my free hand a lot more. She went wild
j s 7 years ago
Great nipples, too...